Coffee Table Book
The Economic Times Most Influential Business Leaders of Asia Coffee Table Book, in association with its knowledge and research partners, is proud to announce the unveiling of the "Most Influential Business Leaders of Asia" coffee table book at the Asian Business Leaders Conclave. This book enlists and acknowledges the tremendous work being done by business leaders across different sectors such as infrastructure, technology, energy, healthcare and a lot more. Leaders who are not just venturing into new business, but also redefining the way their existing business is carried out in an ever changing, ever-evolving, ever connected digital world, will be acknowledged in this book.
The Economic Times Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia Coffee Table Book, with the promise of a new brand of leaders emerging from the rising nations of Asia, the future of the continent looks very exciting. The Economic Times is proud to acknowledge business leaders who are going to play an important part in shaping the business demographics of not just Asia, but also the world in the very near future. This coffee table book will enlist young business leaders and leaders who are rising to the occasion and are an important part of the story of a resurgent Asia.