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Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) is responsible for policies covering international trade, industry development and investment in Malaysia. It has nine implementing Agencies under its purview covering investment, export promotion, productivity development, small & medium enterprise, halal industry development, steel and automotive and development finance. MITI is located in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

Vision: To make Malaysia the preferred investment destination and among the most globally competitive trading nations by 2020.

Mission: To promote and strategise Malaysia's global competitiveness in international trade by producing high value added goods and services.

To spur the development of industrial activities towards enhancing Malaysia's economic growth for achieving a developed nation status by 2020.

Objective: To plan, legislate and implement international trade and industrial policies that will ensure Malaysia's rapid development towards achieving National Economic Policy and Vision 2020.

  • To plan, formulate and implement policies on industrial development, international trade and investment.
  • To encourage foreign and domestic investment.
  • To promote Malaysia's exports of manufacturing products and services by strengthening bilateral, multilateral and regional trade relations and cooperation.
  • To enhance national productivity and competitiveness in the manufacturing sector.